Research Papers

Barbara Morera Maiquez, Caitlin Smith, Katherine Dyke, Chia-Ping Chou, Belinda Kasbia, Ciara McCready, Hannah Wright, Jessica K. Jackson, Isabel Farr, Erika Badinger, Georgina M. Jackson, Stephen R. Jackson  
A double-blind, sham-controlled, trial of home-administered rhythmic 10-Hz median nerve stimulation for the reduction of tics, and suppression of the urge-to-tic, in individuals with Tourette syndrome and chronic tic disorder

Barbara Morera Maiquez, Georgina M. Jackson, Stephen R. Jackson (2021)
Examining the neural antecedents of tics in Tourette syndrome using electroencephalography. 
Journal of Neuropsychology

Stephen R. Jackson, Hilmar P. Sigurdsson, Katherine Dyke, Maria Condon, Georgina M. Jackson (2021). 
The role of the cingulate cortex in the generation of motor tics and the experience of the premonitory urge-to-tic in Tourette syndrome. 
Journal of Neuropsychology, 15(3), 340-362.

Katherine Dyke, Georgina M. Jackson, Stephen R. Jackson (2021). 
Non-invasive brain stimulation as therapy: systematic review and recommendations with a focus on the treatment of Tourette syndrome. 
Experimental Brain Research. 10.1007/s00221-021-06229-y.

Mairi S. Houlgreave, Barbara Morera Maiquez, Matthew J. Brookes, Stephen R. Jackson (2022). 
The Oscillatory Effects of Rhythmic Median Nerve Stimulation. Neuroimage.

Hodkinson Duncan J, Jackson Stephen, Jung JeYoung (2022) 
Task-Dependent Plasticity in Distributed Neural Circuits after Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Human Motor Cortex. 

Caitlin M. Smith, Hilmar P. Sigurdsson, Katherine Dyke, Rosa Sanchez Panchuelo, Susan T. Francis, Georgina M. Jackson, Stephen R. Jackson (2022).
Somatomotor cortical mapping in Tourette syndrome using neuro-navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation. 
International Review of Movement Disorders, 2666-7878.

Mairi Houlgreave, Bàrbara Morera Maiquez, Katherine Dyke, Georgina Jackson, Stephen Jackson (2022)
Entrainment of movement-related brain oscillations to improve symptoms in Tourette syndrome. 
International Review of Movement Disorders, 2666-7878.
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