WATCH: Channel Five's Documentary 'Teacher with Tourette's: Cursing in the classroom'

May 16, 2023

Five years ago, Natalie, a teacher who lives with Tourette's, started working with the University of Nottingham to find out how electrical pulses can control tics, often experienced by those living with Tourette’s.

She explained: "The first time I took part in the trial, I remember being quite emotional about it because I felt this emptiness and relaxed state that I hadn't, or couldn't remember, feeling."

Natalie returned to the university to try the new device from Neupulse that has been designed to help those with Tourette's. Professor Stephen Jackson, who led the research behind the device, explained: "What Natalie is getting is two minutes of stimulation at a given frequency, with a minute's break, followed by another two minutes with a minute's break. She's getting intermittent stimulation."

Upon trying the device, Natalie's tics subsided and allowed her to enter the university's library, somewhere she had previously been worried about going into.

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